Chandra Massage & Wellness
Meghann Foster LMT, RYT 500

About Me

Meghann fell in love with yoga, healing and bodywork in her early 20s. Growing up as a gymnast and athlete movement and body work has always been important to her and she loves the way yoga goes beyond the mat and incorporates yoga into all aspects of her life. She also has a holistic approach to health which encompasses massage, breath work, energy work and more.

Meghann became a licensed massage therapist in 2014 and then received her first 200 hour yoga certification in 2016, with a passion and thirst for knowledge and wisdom she went on to receive a 300 hour certification in yin yoga, based in mindfulness meditation and Chinese medicine in 2019 and most recently in May of 2023 she completed an additional 300 hour training in advanced yoga practices at Boston Yoga Union (now Back Bay Yoga Union). Along the way Meghann has also trained in over 100 hours of breath work, as well as countless hours in other massage techniques and many continuing education workshops for yoga such as trauma informed yoga. 

When Meghann isn’t on her mat or working on continuing education you can find her in the massage office where she specializes in a multitude of massage techniques, breath work and energy work. She also has a deep love for the outdoors with hiking being her favorite activity. She lives in Kennebunk with her partner and 3 dogs. One of these dogs, Basil, is the official office greeter and you will find him in the office most days of the week.

Meghann hopes to create a space for everyone that is accessible, healing, grounding, sometimes challenging, refreshing, and safe.